"My philosophy on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is centered around Cultural Intelligence, Representation & Professional Development. Let's work together to create a more sustainable and equitable workplace."

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging for Teams

With over 15 years of experience in Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Strategy, I offer a unique perspective by having worked with over 40 ERGs and Diversity Councils.

My work focuses on consulting, training and coaching teams around the work they do in programming, sales, recruiting and community engagement.
In order to create a successful strategy for employee initiatives, it’s imperative that we understand the current industry trends, demographics and challenges employees face.

Let’s work together to supercharge your ERG commitments by infusing productivity, and encouraging inclusion.

My strategy starts with the deployment or analysis of an employee survey together with focus groups leading to the development and execution of programs that solve for the challenges we identified.

Virtual Engagement Strategies for ERGs in Partnership with HACE

My Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Analytics Platform of ChoicE

Pluto is an online platform that equips companies with the analytics and communication tools they need to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable organization. I use Pluto to assess an organization’s employee stories and develop programs that insight change in productivity, engagement & culture.