“LinkedIn continues to be the most effective platform for professionals.”

For Organizations:

A Professional Branding & Thought Leadership workshop will focus on building confidence, connection and authenticity. Your employees, diversity committee and ERG leaders will be able to build their brand, identify their industry subject matter expertise and most importantly, help bring more diverse candidates to your organization.

Topics to be Covered in 60 Minute Workshop:

❏ Optimizing Your Profile for Clarity, Focus & Confidence
❏ Communications Cadence: When and & What to Post
❏ Using Your Culture & Authenticity as a Differentiator
❏ Evolving as a Thought Leader in your Industry
❏ Defining Your Subject Matter Expertise
❏ How to Help Your Company Source Diverse Candidates

For Individuals:

Let’s work together on your personal LinkedIn strategy. You’re on the rise and you need to establish a refined brand on LinkedIn. Up to now you never really gave much attention to your LinkedIn profile but that has to change if you want to grow as a leader.

Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder or make a lateral move into the unknown, let’s build your professional profile so you stand out from the crowd.

When you work with me on LinkedIn you’ll learn:

❏ How to be your authentic self in all your posts, articles
❏ How to create content people actually connect with
❏ How to do everything on this platform for FREE! (No premium accounts)
❏ How to connect with people you admire and hope to collaborate with
❏ How to build a network that refers you on a daily basis
❏ How to plan your next career hop and help others do the same

Happy Clients!